Preben Kjølhede

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OBJECTIVE To determine whether health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and postoperative recovery of women who undergo abdominal hysterectomy in a fast-track program under general anesthesia (GA) differ from women who receive spinal anesthesia with intrathecal morphine (SA). DESIGN Secondary analysis from an open randomized controlled multicenter study. (More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether postoperative symptoms differ between women who undergo abdominal benign hysterectomy in a fast-track model under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia with intrathecal morphine. DESIGN Secondary analysis from a randomized, open, multicenter study. SETTING Five hospitals in south-east Sweden. POPULATION One-hundred and(More)
The insulin receptor substrate-1 (IRS1) is phosphorylated on serine 307 (human sequence, corresponding to murine serine 302) in response to insulin as part of a feedback loop that controls IRS1 phosphorylation on tyrosine residues by the insulin receptor. This in turn directly affects downstream signaling and is in human adipocytes implicated in the(More)
BACKGROUND Since the 1970-ies Sweden has actively developed strategies in social care, education and health care in order to counteract the negative consequences of adolescent parenthood. The aims of this study are to determine the annual incidence of singleton delivery among adolescents 1973-2010 and analyse obstetric and neonatal outcomes. METHODS A(More)
Adipose tissue is a primary target of insulin, but knowledge about insulin signalling in human adipocytes is limited. We developed an electroporation technique for transfection of primary human adipocytes with a transfection efficiency of 15% +/- 5 (mean +/- S.D.). Human adipocytes were co-transfected with a mutant of IRS-3 (all four potential PI3-kinase(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the associations between maternal age and obstetric and neonatal outcomes in primiparous women with emphasis on teenagers and older women. DESIGN A population-based cohort study. SETTING The Swedish Medical Birth Register. PARTICIPANTS Primiparous women with singleton births from 1992 through 2010 (N=798,674) were divided into(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of stress coping capacity in combination with mode of anaesthesia on postoperative recovery in fast-track abdominal hysterectomy. DESIGN Prospective longitudinal study. SETTING Five hospitals in the south-east of Sweden. POPULATION A cohort of 162 women undergoing fast-track abdominal hysterectomy for benign(More)
OBJECTIVE The study objective was to compare total costs for hospital stay and postoperative recovery for 2 groups of women who underwent fast-track abdominal benign hysterectomy: 1 group under general anesthesia; 1 group under spinal anesthesia. Costs were evaluated in relation to health-related quality of life. STUDY DESIGN Costs of treatment were(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether vaginal cleansing reduces the risk of postoperative infection after abdominal total hysterectomy on benign indications and to analyze risk factors. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING All clinics including patients in the Swedish National Register for Gynecological Surgery. POPULATION All 7,193 women who underwent(More)
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