Preben Holst Mogensen

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This paper explores the notion of 'provocation through concrete ex-perience' towards a provotyping approach. It addresses the question: How do we on the one hand, devise qualitatively new systems, and on the other hand, ensure their usability in a given practice? The notion of provocation through concrete experience is developed through an investigation of(More)
This paper investigates how to support work and in particular cooperation in large-scale technical projects. The investigation is based on a case study of a specific Danish engineering company and it uncovers challenges to Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) in this setting. The company is responsible for management and supervision of one of the(More)
This paper describes experience obtained through a joint project between a university research group and a shipping company in developing a prototype for a global customer service system. The research group had no previous knowledge of the complex business of shipping, but succeeded in developing a prototype that more than fulfilled the expectations of the(More)
This paper discusses and evaluates use of different participatory design methods in relation to addressing the challenge of grounding imagination. It presents reflections on the use of three participatory design methods, deployed in the WorkSpace project: future laboratories, in-situ prototyping experiments and bricolage. The analysis examines how the(More)
This paper discusses hypermedia aspects of the design of a Virtual Project Room. Based on ethnographic and participatory design studies of landscape architects' and architects' work, prototypes for a notion of virtual project rooms, supporting remote collaboration, is developed. Since (landscape) architects work with 3D objects and environments a natural(More)
We are investigating the design of digital 3D interaction technology embedded in a physical environment. We take as point of departure complex, collaborative industrial design projects involving heterogeneous sets of documents, and physical as well as digital 3D models. The paper introduces our notion of interactive room technology supporting industrial(More)