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Plants were obtained via somatic embryogenesis in callus derived from in vitro raised leaf and petiole explants of Aconitum heterophyllum Wall. Callus was induced on a Murashige-Skoog medium supplemented with either 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid (2,4-d 1 mg l-1) and kinetin (KN 0.5 mg l-1) with coconut water (CW 10% v/v) or naphthalene acetic acid (NAA 5(More)
Alejandro Bohé,1, ∗ Lijing Shao,1, † Andrea Taracchini,1, ‡ Alessandra Buonanno,1, 2 Stanislav Babak,1 Ian W. Harry,1 Ian Hinder,1 Serguei Ossokine,1 Michael Pürrer,1 Vivien Raymond,1 Tony Chu,3, 4 Heather Fong,4, 5 Prayush Kumar,4, 5 Harald P. Pfeiffer,4, 1, 6 Michael Boyle,7 Daniel A. Hemberger,8 Lawrence E. Kidder,7 Geoffrey Lovelace,9 Mark A. Scheel,8(More)
Alejandro Bohé, Lijing Shao, Andrea Taracchini, Alessandra Buonanno, Stanislav Babak, Ian W. Harry, Ian Hinder, Serguei Ossokine, Michael Pürrer, Vivien Raymond, Tony Chu, Heather Fong, Prayush Kumar, Harald P. Pfeiffer, Michael Boyle, Daniel A. Hemberger, Lawrence E. Kidder, Geoffrey Lovelace, Mark A. Scheel, and Béla Szilágyi Max Planck Institute for(More)