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A Mobile Application of a Geo-map Informatics Blast for Emergency Response
It was concluded that the developed emergency response application using mobile technology and crowdsourcing was helpful to the citizens of Barangay San Antonio of Biñan City, Laguna as well as to its Baragay Officials and organized Emergency Response Teams. Expand
JLearn: An instructional environment for Java program composition integrating test-driven development and life-cycle management for software quality assurance
The aim of this research is to provide a fully-automated collection of tools for learning software development and project management to improve learning outcomes of the students, improve software quality, throughput and enhance project management skills. Expand
Flood Hazard Analytics for Urban Spaces
It was concluded that the developed system was able to supply Flood Hazard Analytics for Urban Spaces to guide the local government, and the Filipino people to spot possible flood behavior in a given location. Expand
Determinants of Sustainability of Students in TIP: Inputs to Marketing Program Development
Today, several high schools are identified to be feeders of TIP but those are not sufficient in determining the right potential students that will surely finish their college programs in TIP. ThisExpand
Workplace Document Management System Employing Cloud Computing and Social Technology
It was concluded that the study was able to allow users to manage their documents socially and provide larger space of storage through cloud computing and was designed to track, manage and store documents digitally. Expand
Online Database System Tool for Promoting, Marketing and Attracting Prospective and Current Students of TIP Manila
This research aimed to develop a database management system for prospect freshman students for the Admissions and Marketing Office of TIP Manila. This study also aimed to create and develop a systemExpand
Factors Related to the Decision of High School Students to Enroll in TIP: Towards an Enhanced Marketing Plan
This study examines several factors affecting the decision making of a high school student in selecting a school and presented the top three influential factors which are quality of information provided about the school, campus environment and attitude of the staff. Expand
An Online Equipment Management System Utilizing Prescriptive Analytics
The study aims to develop a mobile equipment management system using QR Code to tag and monitor the equipment status and apply prescriptive analytics in to determine the status of such equipment and generating reports for decision making. Expand