Pravinkumar G Patil

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PURPOSE To compare the fracture resistance and the mode of failure of endodontically treated teeth restored with different post-core systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS Root canal treatment was performed on 40 maxillary incisors and the samples were divided into four groups of 10 each. For three experimental groups post space preparation was done and teeth(More)
Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) is a chronic inflammatory disease resulting in progressive juxtaepithelial fibrosis of the oral soft tissues and can cause increasing difficulty in mastication, swallowing, speaking, and mouth opening. The treatment of severe trismus requires a combination of surgical release and physiotherapy. Often physiotherapy alone can(More)
PATIENT A patient who had undergone left segmental mandibulectomy reconstructed with an autogenous bone graft presented with the chief complaint of difficulty in eating and speaking. Intraoral examination revealed thick, freely movable soft tissues with scar formation, loss of alveolar ridge, and obliteration of buccal and lingual sulcus in the entire left(More)
Amelogenesis imperfecta is an autosomal dominant disorder. It is a group of hereditary diseases showing abnormal enamel density and crown malformation. This clinical report describes the oral rehabilitation of a young adult diagnosed with a variant of hypoplastic amelogenesis imperfecta with multiple impacted teeth and skeletal class III malocclusion. The(More)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb), which requires iron for survival, acquires this element by synthesizing iron-binding molecules known as siderophores and by recruiting a host iron-transport protein, transferrin, to the phagosome. The siderophores extract iron from transferrin and transport it into the bacterium. Here we describe an additional mechanism(More)
In process of fabrication of a fixed partial denture, dies are trimmed to expose margins of the preparations. The need for the soft tissue cast is quite evident as the soft tissue emergence profile that surrounds the prepared tooth is destroyed in the process of fabrication. This article describes a modified technique to fabricate the soft tissue cast for(More)
Maxillary obturator prosthesis is the most frequent treatment option for management of partial or total maxillectomy. Heavy weight of the obturators is often a dislocating factor. Hollowing the prosthesis to reduce its weight is the well established fact. The alternate technique to hollow-out the prosthesis has been described in this article which is a(More)
A technique for fabricating an interim removable partial denture in a single visit is described. This technique may improve the dentist’s effectiveness and efficiency in providing this type of care to patients. In addition, the shape of the tooth in the interim removable partial denture can be duplicated exactly, matching the shape it possessed before being(More)
Large oro-facial defects result from cancer treatment consequences in serious functional as well as cosmetic deformities. Acceptable cosmetic results usually can be obtained with a facial prosthesis. However, retention of a large facial prosthesis can be challenging because of its size and weight. This article describes prosthetic rehabilitation of a(More)