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The potential of the metal-binding protein, metallothionein, in assessing the progression of normal oesophagus through Barrett's to adenocarcinoma was investigated. Metallothionein was quantitatively determined in resected tissues from patients undergoing oesophagectomy for high grade dysplasia/adenocarcinoma and in biopsies from patients with Barrett's(More)
Service Component Architecture (SCA) provides a programming model to support Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). SCA based application has long product development life-cycle. Slight change in one service component may affect functionality of other component. This leads to requirement of continuous checking for stability of integrated systems. If defects(More)
In a Web environment, Web services will typically be configured together to serve a specific purpose. Many web services provide similar functionality however they have different nonfunctional properties (e.g. price). A lot of research is being made on how to configure, discover, and compose web services on the basis of their non functional characteristics.(More)
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