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A Novel or Methodological approach to comprehensively analyze the vulnerability of interdependent infrastructures is introduced in our paper; two types of vulnerability are considered: structural vulnerability and functional vulnerability. For structural vulnerability, infrastructures topologies are the only information while operating regimes of different(More)
Community structure is thought to be one of the main organizing principles in most complex networks. Big data and complex networks represent an area which researchers are analyzing worldwide. Of special interest are groups of vertices within which connections are dense. In this paper we begin with discussing community dynamics and exploring complex network(More)
Loads in a power distribution system network are mostly inductive and lead to poor power factor. In order to utilize the generated power optimally it is necessary to maintain close-to-unity power factor. Power factor correction is possible by introducing the capacitive loads in the circuit, as to nullify the effect of inductive loading. Due to simplicity of(More)
We discuss the robustness of large networks such as Smart Power Grid and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) network. We put forward mathematical models of robustness that reflect power network dynamics and the Laplacian of the network. We used nodal degree distributions, algebraic connectivity, and Fiedler eigenvalue parameters for analyzing(More)
Identifying network communities is one of the most important tasks when analyzing complex networks. Most of these networks possess a certain community structure that has substantial importance in building an understanding regarding the dynamics of the large-scale network. Intriguingly, such communities appear to be connected with unique spectral property of(More)
Fruits and vegetables market is subject of choice. Thus, it is important for the suppliers to label the quality of goods before dealing out. Some commercially available fruit sorting and grading system have been introduced, but they are almost expensive for small and medium fruit processing industry. Presently, human experts grade the agriculture goods(More)
Erratum After the publication of this work [1], we noticed that an incorrect version of Table two (Table 1 here) was published. An incorrect version of Algorithm four (Algorithm 1 here) was also published. The correct versions of Table two and Algorithm four are provided here and have been updated in the original article. The publisher apologises for any(More)
Super-resolution is the process of combining one or more low –resolution images to obtain a high –resolution image. It has been a very interesting topic for the research over the last few years. It is used for practical applications in more realistic problems faced in different areas, which range over satellite and aerial imaging of biomedical image(More)
Super resolution is very useful and interesting area of research in image processing applications based on wavelet transform. Many algorithms have been developed by researchers based on Projection Onto Convex Set (POCS), Maximum-aposteriori (MAP) and Maximum Likelihood (ML). In this paper, we propose super resolution algorithm based on Stationary Wavelet(More)