Pravien D Abeywickrema

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The unique S28 family of proteases is comprised of the carboxypeptidase PRCP and the aminopeptidase DPP7. The structural basis of the different substrate specificities of the two enzymes is not understood nor has the structure of the S28 fold been described. The experimentally phased 2.8 Å crystal structure is presented for human PRCP. PRCP contains an α/β(More)
HIV/AIDS continues to be a menace to public health. Several drugs currently on the market have successfully improved the ability to manage the viral burden in infected patients. However, new drugs are needed to combat the rapid emergence of mutated forms of the virus that are resistant to existing therapies. Currently, approved drugs target three of the(More)
The 'NMDA hypofunction hypothesis of schizophrenia' can be tested in a number of ways. DAO is the enzyme primarily responsible for the metabolism of d-serine, a co-agonist for the NMDA receptor. We identified novel DAO inhibitors, in particular, acid 1, which demonstrated moderate potency for DAO in vitro and ex vivo, and raised plasma d-serine levels after(More)
As many processes in the preclinical drug discovery process become highly parallel, the need to also produce a large number of different proteins in parallel has become acute, such as for protein crystallization and activity screening. In turn, the requisite DNA constructions to produce these proteins must now be done at a rate that requires automated(More)
Prolylcarboxypeptidase (PrCP) is a lysosomal serine carboxypeptidase that cleaves a variety of C-terminal amino acids adjacent to proline and has been implicated in diseases such as hypertension and obesity. Here, the robust production, purification and crystallization of glycosylated human PrCP from stably transformed CHO cells is described. Purified PrCP(More)
The search for new molecular constructs that resemble the critical two-metal binding pharmacophore required for HIV integrase strand transfer inhibition represents a vibrant area of research within drug discovery. Here we present the discovery of a new class of HIV integrase strand transfer inhibitors based on the 2-pyridinone core of MK-0536. These efforts(More)
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