Praveer Mansukhani

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Securing biometrics databases from being compromised is an important research challenge that must be overcome in order to support widespread use of biometrics based authentication. In this paper we present a novel method for securing fingerprints by hashing the fingerprint minutia and performing matching in the hash space. Our approach uses a family of(More)
Given the existence of large fingerprint databases, including distributed systems, the development of algorithms for performing fast searches in them has become the important topic for biometric researchers. In this paper, we propose a new indexing method for fingerprint templates consisting of a set of minutia points. In contrast to previously presented(More)
To compensate for the different orientations of two fingerprint images, matching systems use a reference point and a set of transformation parameters. Fingerprint minutiae are compared on their positions relative to the reference points, using a set of thresholds for the various matching features. However a pair of minutiae might have similar values for(More)
People have become accustomed to accessing (searching, retrieving, reading) information online with ease. This information is largely limited to ASCII documents, though access to printed and spoken documents has significantly improved in recent years. Despite several decades of research in handwriting recognition, the goal of having computers access(More)
Class syntax can be used to 1) model temporal or locational evolvement of class labels of feature observation sequences, 2) correct classification errors of static classifiers if feature observations from different classes overlap in feature space, and 3) eliminate redundant features whose discriminative information is already represented in the class(More)
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