Praveenkumar Kondikoppa

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Google's MapReduce has gained significant popularity as a platform for large scale distributed data processing. Hadoop [1] is an open source implementation of MapReduce [11] framework, originally it was developed to operate over single cluster environment and could not be leveraged for distributed data processing across federated clusters. At multiple(More)
Genome indexing is the basis for many bioinformatics applications. Read mapping(sequence alignment) is one such application where the goal is to align millions of short reads against reference genome. Several tools are available for read mapping which rely on different indexing techniques to expedite the alignment process. However, many of these(More)
High speed networks have characteristics of high bandwidth, long queuing delay, and high burstiness which make it difficult to address issues such as fairness, low queuing delay and high link utilization. Current high speed networks carry heterogeneous TCP flows which makes it even more challenging to address these issues. Since sender centric approaches do(More)
Low latency, high throughput, and fairness are the stringent performance requirements of data center networks. For web applications continue to thrive, data center must remain effective by addressing these challenges. While most of the challenges have been handled by data center specific transport protocols (e.g. DCTCP), these transport protocols are not(More)
The past few years have witnessed debate on how to improve link utilization of high-speed tiny-size buffer routers. Widely argued proposals for TCP traffic to realize acceptable link capacities mandate: (i) over-provisioned core link bandwidth; and (ii) non-bursty flows; and (iii) tens of thousands of asynchronous flows. However, in high speed access(More)
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