Praveen Vijaysegaran

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Antimicrobial resistance has been problematic since the advent of antibiotics. Patients with prosthetic joint infections often require prolonged courses of antibiotic therapy, with resistance commonly being the consequence. The rapid evolution of resistance poses a serious challenge in the treatment of infections and creates a need for new agents with novel(More)
Postoperative fever in arthroplasty patients is common. The value of diagnostic workup of fever in this instance is of questionable utility. Studies have shown that blood cultures in this scenario add little to clinical management, but sample sizes have been small and the use of blood cultures in this setting continues. This study aimed to examine the value(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the utility of blood cultures in the assessment of early postoperative fever in hip fracture patients with no other indicators of sepsis. METHODS 101 blood cultures were drawn on postoperative days 0 to 5 to investigate 84 febrile episodes in 31 women and 30 men (mean age, 80 years) whose body temperature measured via the tympanic(More)
BACKGROUND Metal ion release is common following total hip arthroplasty, yet postoperative levels have not been defined for most stems currently used in clinical practice. AIM To assess metal ion release in the serum of patients with well functioning unilateral Exeter V40 primary total hip arthroplasties one year after surgery. METHODS Whole blood(More)
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