Praveen Sharma

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The paper discusses the application of three well known diffusion models and their modified versions to the growth of publication data in four selected fields of S&T. It is observed that all the three models in their modified versions generally improve their performance in terms of parameter values, fit statistics, and graphical fit to the data. The most(More)
The paper deals with the nature of growth models currently used in the literature for modeling the growth of publications. It introduces briefly three growth models and explores the applicability of these models in the growth of world and Indian physics literature. The analysis suggests that the growth of Indian physics literature follows a logistic model,(More)
Applications requiring Content Centric Network (CCN) in delay-tolerant, peer-to-peer, multi-hop, and infrastructure-less environments are likely to increase as the use of mobile devices continues to rise and as the need to disseminate information without knowing the name or location of the destination grows. Currently, these capabilities are provided by CCN(More)
Nuclear medicine applications of computing have largely been on demand due to expensive and time consuming pathological processes for detection of diseases like cancer. Automation tools exploiting morphological characteristics have been employed successfully. Limitations of the existing automated tools in handling specific situations keep the domain alive(More)
Information spaces have emerged as a powerful concept for providing managed exchange of information between members of communities of interest (COIs), including information brokering and dissemination by publish-subscribequery middleware. To support COIs with real-time or critical information exchange requirements, information spaces require quality of(More)
Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) is the major area in ad hoc Network. The network is built with vehicle and rode side unit. The routing protocol is very helpful to transfer the data from source to destination node. The dynamic routing protocol is reactive on demand routing protocol which utilizes source routing and manage routes lively. It uses two phases:(More)
Usage of mobile commercial communication devices is continually increasing. However, these devices require a fixed infrastructure and do not function in mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) characterized by large delays or disruptions. Furthermore, these devices do not support the emerging communications needed when the location of information publishers and(More)
We have seen over the last few years there is a drastic changes in the way user consume communication services. More and more consumers are turning to Over The Top (OTT) services, such as video on demand and messaging. Challenges begun when it comes to Monetize over the top (OTT) platform for millions of users, since there are many challenges like low(More)
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