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It is generally accepted that buffers, in Internet routers, should be much smaller than the currently deployed bandwidth-delay product rule. However, as yet, there is no consensus on the optimal buffer-sizing strategy. Our focus will be on the performance, with respect to sizing buffers, of transport protocols that use queuing delay and packet loss as their(More)
OBJECTIVE Digital medicine system (DMS) is a novel drug-device combination that objectively measures and reports medication ingestion. The DMS consists of medication embedded with an ingestible sensor (digital medicine), a wearable sensor, and software applications. This study evaluated usability of the DMS in adults with schizophrenia rated by both(More)
Madras, for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Technology, is a bona fide record of the research work done by him under our supervision. The contents of this thesis, in full or in parts, have not been submitted to any other Institute or University for the award of any degree or diploma. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am grateful to my guide, Dr. Gaurav Raina, for(More)
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