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The Internet and corporate Intranets have brought a lot of information. People usually resort to search engines to find required information. However, these systems tend to use only one fixed ranking strategy regardless of the contexts. This poses serious performance problems when characteristics of different users, queries, and text collections are taken(More)
Genetic-based evolutionary learning algorithms, such as genetic algorithms (GAs) and genetic programming (GP), have been applied to information retrieval (IR) since the 1980s. Recently, GP has been applied to a new IR task — discovery of ranking functions for web search — and has achieved very promising 1 Fan et al. 2 results. However, in our prior(More)
T his paper provides a methodology for detecting management fraud using basic financial data. The methodology is based on support vector machines. An important aspect therein is a kernel that increases the power of the learning machine by allowing an implicit and generally nonlinear mapping of points, usually into a higher dimensional feature space. A(More)
Ranking functions play a substantial role in the performance of information retrieval (IR) systems and search engines. Although there are many ranking functions available in the IR literature, various empirical evaluation studies show that ranking functions do not perform consistently well across different contexts (queries, collections, users). Moreover,(More)
Due to the overwhelming volume of information that is increasingly available, many people rely on current awareness systems to keep abreast of the latest developments in the fields that they are interested in, as evidenced in the popularity of subscriptions to news-monitoring and digital library services. The success of these services, however, often(More)
The Internet and corporate intranets provide far more information than anybody can absorb. People use search engines to find the information they require. However, these systems tend to use only one fixed term weighting strategy regardless of the context to which it applies, posing serious performance problems when characteristics of different users,(More)