Praveen Kumar Shanmugam Reddy

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BACKGROUND It is appropriate to investigate and to determine survival trends following glioblastoma multiforme treatment using resective surgery, radiation therapy, and/or chemotherapy in patients aged 59 years and higher. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed 30 elderly patients (> or =59 years old) who were treated for histopathologically confirmed(More)
The clinical presentation and pathological characteristics of 18 histologically verified meningiomas in the paediatric age group are reviewed. There was a 1:1 sex ratio. Two children presented with seizures. The majority were supratentorial in location and large in size. In 4 patients, the meningiomas showed sarcomatous changes, while in 6 patients they(More)
Molecular chaperones are a class of proteins responsible for proper folding of a large number of polypeptides in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Newly synthesized polypeptides are prone to nonspecific interactions, and many of them make toxic aggregates in absence of chaperones. The eukaryotic chaperonin CCT is a large, multisubunit, cylindrical(More)
Penetrating head injuries can be difficult to manage as the extensive surgery which may be required can result in severe morbidity and mortality in some patients. A conservative surgical approach with a "pull and see" policy was adopted successfully in a described case. Extraction can be achieved by using the mechanical advantage of the lever principle. By(More)
We present a rare case of synovial chondromatosis of the left temporomandibular joint with intracranial extension and review the relevant literature. This is the sixth published report of such a skull base tumour. We discuss imaging characteristics and the differential diagnosis with regards to a curative surgical resection.
The peculiar phenomenon of paradoxical progression during the treatment of central nervous system tuberculosis is discussed. A few cases with this phenomenon were reported in the past, and the authors have treated four such cases. During the treatment for tuberculous meningitis, the four patients developed new lesions, mainly in the form of tuberculomas,(More)
OBJECTIVES To conduct a prospective randomized study comparing the efficiency of 5 different ligation systems (ELL; elastomeric ligature, SSL; stainless steel ligature, LL; leone slide ligature, PSL; passive self-ligation and ASL; active self-ligation) over the duration of mandibular crowding alleviation. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty consecutive patients(More)
BACKGROUND After decompression of cervical and lumbar nerve roots for radicular pain, pathological evaluation of the extracted disc material is commonly performed. Although histological examination rarely detects clinically significant unsuspected disease, it remains a common practice in most hospitals in the United States. To determine the(More)