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Aeromonas is recognized to cause a variety of diseases in man. In humans, they are associated with intestinal and extra-intestinal infections. With the growing importance of Aeromonas as an emerging pathogen, it is important to combat this organism. It is indisputable that Aeromonas strains may produce many different putative virulence factors such as(More)
The formation of new crossbred cattle breeds to increase milk production was started in India because of crossbred cattle were more economical and gave higher milk yield than the indigenous cows and increase the income of a farmers, dairy entrepreneurs and provide beneficial and round the year employment to them. Therefore, population of crossbred cows(More)
Genetic modification of livestock proves beneficial to human health by economic and efficient production of important pharmaceutical proteins and to study human diseases. The creation of transgenic animals has resulted in the more use of laboratory animal such as mice instead of large size animals and has decreased the number of animals used in experiment(More)
In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process by which retrieval oocytes fertilized by sperm outside the body (in vitro). IVF is a major treatment in infertility. This technique has become a routine procedure and widely been used in treating infertile human all over the world. In animals, IVF has offered a very valuable tool to study mammalian fertilization and(More)
Most of the Indian breeds of domestic ruminants are well adapted to the harsh environment, low nutrition, tropical disease. Animal welfare and productivity are affected by endoparasite infestation. Parasites cause economic losses through decreased production, cost of prophylaxis and treatment, and death of infected animals. The proper management of internal(More)
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