Praveen K. Jain

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A novel single-stage single-switch electronic ballast topology with a unity power factor is presented in this paper. The proposed circuit consists of an integrated buck-boost stage that operates in the discontinuous conduction mode to provide a high power factor and a single-switch current-fed resonant inverter to stabilize the lamp current. The proposed(More)
This paper presents the analysis and design of a single-phase single-stage high-power-factor ac/dc converter employing a series–parallel resonant topology operating in selfsustained oscillating mode. A control approach is proposed to achieve low total harmonic distortion of the input current. This approach does not require sensing of the input current. In(More)
AC/DC converters used in electric vehicles generally consist of two stages: an input power factor correction (PFC) boost AC/DC stage that converts input AC voltage to an intermediate DC voltage and reduces input current harmonics injected to the grid, and a DC/DC converter that provides high-frequency galvanic isolation. Since there is a low-frequency(More)
Bidirectional dc-dc converters (BDC) have recently received a lot of attention due to the increasing need to systems with the capability of bidirectional energy transfer between two dc buses. Apart from traditional application in dc motor drives, new applications of BDC include energy storage in renewable energy systems, fuel cell energy systems, hybrid(More)
Single-phase single-stage power-factor-corrected converter topologies are reviewed in this paper. The topologies discussed in the paper are related to ac–dc and ac–ac converters that are classified on the basis of the frequency of the input ac source, the presence of a dc-link capacitor, and the type of control used (resonant or pulsewidth modulation). The(More)