Praveen Gopalakrishnan

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IEEE 802.11 based Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) are becoming popular in home, enterprise and public access areas primarily due to their low cost, simplicity of installation and high data rates. While WLANs continue to be predominantly data centric, there is growing interest in using WLANs for voice, especially in enterprise markets. This paper(More)
As virtualization trend is moving towards "client virtualization", wireless virtualization remains to be one of the technology gaps that haven't been addressed satisfactorily. Today's approaches are mainly developed for wired network, and are not suitable for virtualizing wireless network interface due to the fundamental differences between wireless and(More)
The use of positioning sensors on automobiles is becoming increasingly common with the desire to facilitate utility and traffic safety by giving the driver information on the automobiles position relative to the surroundings. In this paper we introduce a positioning technique based upon automobile LED lighting — either taillights or headlights(More)
The objective of this paper is to investigate and find a solution by designing the PID and FUZZY Controllers for liquid level process. Measuring the level of liquids is a critical need in many industrial plants. Fuzzy control is based on fuzzy logic-a logical system that is much closer in spirit to human thinking and natural language than traitional logical(More)
The need for scalability analysis of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) is both obvious and critical. However, the complexity of MANETs coupled with the unpredictable environment they are designed to operate (e.g., highly dynamic link conditions and random mobility patterns) renders use of closed form solutions infeasible unless over-simplifying assumptions(More)