Praveen Elakkumanan

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With technology scaling, combinational logic is becoming increasingly vulnerable to radiation strikes. Classical fault tolerant techniques mainly address Single Even Upsets (SEUs). Robust combinational logic designs capable of tolerating Single Event Transients (SETs) also are needed in lower technology nodes. In this paper, we present a novel SET(More)
Conventional optical proximity correction (OPC) tools aim to minimize edge placement errors (EPE) due to the optical and resist process by moving mask edges. However, in low-k1 lithography, especially at 45nm and beyond, printing perfect polygons is practically impossible to achieve. In addition, prohibitively high mask complexity is incurred, leading to(More)
Due to the increasing process parameter variations and bitline capacitance, design of fast, reliable and robust read/write circuits for nanoscale SRAMs is a challenge. In this paper, we have investigated the effect of threshold voltage variations on the stability of read and write access schemes in SRAM designs. We considered three small signal read out and(More)