Praveen Chandar Ravichandran

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Clinical data access involves complex but opaque communication between medical researchers and query analysts. Understanding such communication is indispensable for designing intelligent human-machine dialog systems that automate query formulation. This study investigates email communication and proposes a novel scheme for classifying dialog acts in(More)
OBJECTIVES The Patient, Intervention, Control/Comparison, and Outcome (PICO) framework is an effective technique for framing a clinical question. We aim to develop the counterpart of PICO to structure clinical research data needs. METHODS We use a data-driven approach to abstracting key concepts representing clinical research data needs by adapting and(More)
Terminologies can suffer from poor concept coverage due to delays in addition of new concepts. This study tests a similarity-based approach to recommending concepts from a text corpus to a terminology. Our approach involves extraction of candidate concepts from a given text corpus, which are represented using a set of features. The model learns the(More)
The Generalizability Index for Study Traits (GIST) has been proposed recently for assessing the population representativeness of a set of related clinical trials using eligibility features (e.g., age or BMI), one each time. However, GIST has not yet been evaluated. To bridge this knowledge gap, this paper reports a simulation-based validation study for(More)
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