Praveen C. Ramamurthy

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An organic molecule--o-phenylene diamine (OPD)--is selected as an aldehyde sensing material. It is studied for selectivity to aldehyde vapours both by experiment and simulation. A chemiresistor based sensor for detection of aldehyde vapours is fabricated. An o-phenylene diamine-carbon black composite is used as the sensing element. The amine groups in the(More)
This study demonstrates the synthesis of TiO2 nanobelts using solution combustion derived TiO2 with enhanced photocatalytic activity for dye degradation and bacterial inactivation. Hydrothermal treatment of combustion synthesized TiO2 resulted in unique partially etched TiO2 nanobelts and Ag3PO4 was decorated using the co-precipitation method. The catalyst(More)
A new class of pyridyl benzimdazole based Ru complex decorated polyaniline assembly (PANI-Ru) was covalently grafted onto reduced graphene oxide sheets (rGO) via covalent functionalization approach. The covalent attachment of PANI-Ru with rGO was confirmed from XPS analysis and Raman spectroscopy. The chemical bonding between PANI-Ru and rGO induced the(More)
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