Pratyush Tiwary

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Metadynamics is a commonly used and successful enhanced sampling method. By the introduction of a history dependent bias which depends on a restricted number of collective variables it can explore complex free energy surfaces characterized by several metastable states separated by large free energy barriers. Here we extend its scope by introducing a simple(More)
A key factor influencing a drug's efficacy is its residence time in the binding pocket of the host protein. Using atomistic computer simulation to predict this residence time and the associated dissociation process is a desirable but extremely difficult task due to the long timescales involved. This gets further complicated by the presence of biophysical(More)
We use a recently proposed method called Spectral Gap Optimization of Order Parameters (SGOOP) [P. Tiwary and B. J. Berne, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 113, 2839 (2016)], to determine an optimal 1-dimensional reaction coordinate (RC) for the unbinding of a bucky-ball from a pocket in explicit water. This RC is estimated as a linear combination of the(More)
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