Prattana Samasilp

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Neuroendocrine adrenal medullary chromaffin cells receive synaptic excitation through the sympathetic splanchnic nerve to elicit catecholamine release into the circulation. Under basal sympathetic tone, splanchnic-released acetylcholine evokes chromaffin cells to fire action potentials, leading to synchronous phasic catecholamine release. Under elevated(More)
Neuroendocrine chromaffin cells selectively secrete a variety of transmitter molecules into the circulation as a function of sympathetic activation. Activity-dependent release of transmitter species is controlled through regulation of the secretory fusion pore. Under sympathetic tone, basal synaptic excitation drives chromaffin cells to selectively secrete(More)
Adrenal neuroendocrine chromaffin cells receive excitatory synaptic input from the sympathetic nervous system and secrete hormones into the peripheral circulation. Under basal sympathetic tone, modest amounts of freely soluble catecholamine are selectively released through a restricted fusion pore formed between the secretory granule and the plasma(More)
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