Pratirupa Bardhan

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Levels of lipid peroxides in rat caecum, blood, liver and kidney and the capacity of tissue homogenates to form lipid peroxidesin vitro was enhanced after caecal amoebiasis in rats produced byEntamoeba histolytica (IB-1). The activity of hepatic drug-metabolizing enzymes in post-mitochondrial fraction and the cytochrome P450 contents in microsomal fraction(More)
gastro-enteritis. It has also been known to cause infection of guinea-pigs, parrots, sheep, turkeys, chicks, pigeons, canaries, ducks and duck's eggs, but so far as is known it has not yet been recorded as having caused a fatal bacteremia in human beings. The following case report therefore merits publication. Case report.?A child of four months, generally(More)
The activity of aminopyrine N-demethylase, aniline hydroxylase in liver and cytochrome c oxidase in brain exhibited age-dependent decrease in rats. The activity of total ATPase in liver and brain and monoamine oxidase in brain was more in older rats. Higher activities of acid phosphatase, acid ribonuclease and cathepsin B were detected in liver homogenates(More)