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Recovery of valuable metals from cathodic active material of spent lithium ion batteries: Leaching and kinetic aspects.
This work is focussed on the processing of cathodic active material of spent lithium ion batteries (LIBs) to ensure resource recovery and minimize environmental degradation. The sulfuric acidExpand
Hydrometallurgical processing of spent lithium ion batteries (LIBs) in the presence of a reducing agent with emphasis on kinetics of leaching
Abstract In this study, sulfuric acid leaching was applied to recover lithium, cobalt, nickel and manganese from the cathodic active material of spent LIBs in presence of a reducing agent, sodiumExpand
Extraction of lithium from primary and secondary sources by pre-treatment, leaching and separation: A comprehensive review
Abstract In this comprehensive review resources of lithium and status of different processes/technologies in vogue or being developed for extraction of lithium and associated metals from both primaryExpand
Removal of chromium(III) by cation exchange resin, Indion 790 for tannery waste treatment
Abstract Extraction of chromium(III) from a model solution and from a tannery waste solution was studied by ion exchange using Indion 790 resin which is a macro-porous strongly acidic cation exchangeExpand
Demineralization of low grade coal – A review
World over large reserves of low grade coals are available. The use of low-grade coal in various industries like power plants, metallurgical plants, cement units, etc. creates environmental pollutionExpand
Leaching of base metals from spent Ni–metal hydride batteries with emphasis on kinetics and characterization
Abstract Nickel–metal hydride (Ni–MH) batteries which generally contain nearly 55–60% Ni and 4–6% Co along with a few other metals may be considered an important resource for recycling and supply ofExpand
Solvent extraction and separation of zinc and iron from spent pickle liquor
The present study reports liquid-liquid extraction and separation of zinc and iron values from a spent pickle solution. Tertiary amine viz. tri-iso-octyl amine (TiOA) or tris(2-ethylhexyl) amineExpand
Perspective of availability and sustainable recycling prospects of metals in rechargeable batteries – A resource overview
The growing need for strategic and rare earth elements (REE) led to an enormous interest in the development of new technologies for the recycling and recovery of these metals from secondary resourcesExpand
Solvent Extraction of Copper and Zinc From a Pickling Solution Using Versatic 10 Acid, Cyanex 272 and LIX 984N
Solvent extraction studies of copper and zinc have been carried out using Versatic 10 acid, Cyanex 272 and LIX 984N separately from a model brass pickle liquor. Various parameters for the extractionExpand
Process optimization and kinetics for leaching of rare earth metals from the spent Ni-metal hydride batteries.
Nickel-metal hydride batteries (Ni-MH) contain not only the base metals, but valuable rare earth metals (REMs) viz. La, Sm, Nd, Pr and Ce as well. In view of the importance of resource recycling andExpand