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Design Design Design Design A A A Approach for pproach for pproach for pproach for D D D Dynamic ynamic ynamic ynamic T T T Traffic raffic raffic raffic C C C Control ontrol ontrol ontrol S S S System ystem ystem ystem B B B Based on ased on ased on ased on R R R Radio adio adio adio P P P Abstract In the densely populated urban area traffic control system(More)
Road accidents and traffic jams are common problems and being the target of a lot of research work. Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) is a common part of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) which is directly involved in handling these problems and aims to make journey on road comfortable. The urban traffic flow depends on the driver behavior, and also, it is(More)
The propose system is the Traffic Density Based Signal Management in Traffic System which deal with traffic load in each side of lane during high density traffic on road at specific time. Here we are considering the main scenario at time when the traffic is extended for, less no. of vehicles then signal activate for less number of time. If the traffic gets(More)
During last two decades, water resources planning and management profession has seen a dramatic increase in the development and application of various types of evolutionary algorithms (EAs). This observation is especially true for application of genetic algorithms, arguably the most popular of the several types of EAs. Generally speaking, EAs repeatedly(More)
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