Pratim Datta

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Research with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), a major region within the world’s second largest continent, is almost non-existent in mainstream information systems research. Although infrastructures for information and communication technology (ICT) are well established in the more developed and industrialized parts of the world, the same is not true(More)
The worldwide scramble for information expenditures in order to gain productive advantage has been an issue of interest for both national policymakers and researchers. Yet little attention has been paid towards the dimensions of the productivity process, including the time lag between investments and returns. This paper illuminates the dimensions by(More)
With millions invested in knowledge management (KM), researchers and organizations are constantly investigating how firms can best organize their KM processes to reap instrumental benefits. Yet, most KM research, apart from being fragmented, overemphasizes knowledge creation and draws little attention to key intermediaries in the KM process. The paper(More)
. .the barriers to diffusion of Tele-Medicine are not entirely technical. Cost has to simultaneously satisfy a number of stakeholders. . . (Anderson, Aydin and Jay, et al., 1994). Rising costs of the provision of healthcare have been a major issue for debate in both developing and developed countries. This is especially true of very capitalistic societies(More)
Telemedicine (health-care delivery where physicians examine distant patients using telecommunications technologies) has been heralded as one of several possible solutions to some of the medical dilemmas that face many developing countries. In this study, we examine the current state of telemedicine in a developing country, India. Telemedicine has brought a(More)
Received: 7 September 2006 Revised: 8 March 2007 2nd Revision: 22 November 2007 Accepted: 30 November 2007 Abstract The rise of electronic markets (EM) and e-commerce came with the promise of disintermediation. Yet, from aggregators to authenticators, the online landscape today is scattered with intermediaries such as EBay and Verisign, aiming to streamline(More)