Pratik Misra

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Virtually all chemical processes are nonlinear, but for several of them linear feedback control is adequate. Therefore, before nonlinear controller design is attempted, it is natural to ask “When is linear control adequate for a nonlinear process?” to ensure favorable cost/benefit ratio. Consequently, methods are needed that quantify the nonlinearity of a(More)
<lb>We formulate the capacity expansion planning as a bilevel optimization to model the hier-<lb>archical decision structure involving industrial producers and consumers. The formulation is<lb>a mixed-integer bilevel linear program in which the upper level maximizes the profit of a pro-<lb>ducer and the lower level minimizes the cost paid by markets. The(More)
Capacity planning addresses the decision problem of an industrial producer investing on infrastructure to satisfy future demand at the highest profit. Traditional formulations neglect the rational behavior of external decision-makers by assuming static competition and captive markets. We propose a mathematical programming formulation with three levels of(More)
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