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Vigna vexillata is considered as a pantropical distributed wild species closely related to the cowpea (Vigna uniculata) and adapted to infertile soils. The species is occasionally used for its storage roots as well as forage and erosion control plant. The objective of this study was to pursue personal communications that V. vexillata has be transformed into(More)
Land use is forced by environmental factors such as soil characteristics, climate, topography, and vegetation. Image processing helps to identify the type of land, by displaying particular image of that area and that image will be helpful to classify the land in the form of percentage. Existing methodologies do the change detection procedure by detecting(More)
The ELVIS instrument was recently proposed by the authors for the Indian Chandra-yaan-1 mission to the Moon and is presently under consideration by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The scientific objective of ELVIS is to explore the electromagnetic environment of the moon. ELVIS samples the full three-dimensional (3D) electric field vector,(More)
In order to maintain the high level of comfort that customers expect from vehicles and still maintain the high safety standards of automobiles, suspension designers have been forced to look beyond conventional passive suspension system. The main requirements of a vehicle suspension are that, it should be able to minimize the vertical displacement and the(More)
Multifunctional nature of the Fe-Ti-oxides makes them attractive candidates for novel applications in which their coupled semiconductor, magnetic, dielectric and optical properties can be exploited. In particular, they appear to be good candidates for the emerging technologies such as spintronics, magneto-electronics, and radhard electronics. In this paper(More)
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