Pratik Jaluria

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BACKGROUND Genomics tools, particularly DNA microarrays, have found application in a number of areas including gene discovery and disease characterization. Despite the vast utility of these tools, little work has been done to explore the basis of distinct cellular properties, especially those important to biotechnology such as growth. And so, with the(More)
With advances in robotics, computational capabilities, and the fabrication of high quality glass slides coinciding with increased genomic information being available on public databases, microarray technology is increasingly being used in laboratories around the world. In fact, fields as varied as: toxicology, evolutionary biology, drug development and(More)
The ability to modify cellular properties such as adhesion is of interest in the design and performance of biotechnology-related processes. The current study was undertaken in order to evaluate the effectiveness of modulating cellular adhesion in HeLa cells from a genomics perspective. Using DNA microarrays, differences in gene expression between two(More)
Escherichia coli K (JM109) and E. coli B (BL21) are strains used routinely for recombinant protein production. These two strains grow and respond differently to environmental factors such as glucose and oxygen concentration. The differences have been attributed to differential expression of individual genes that constitute certain metabolic pathways that(More)
Recent studies have demonstrated the utility of DNA microarray technology in engineering cellular properties. For instance, cellular adhesion, the necessity of cells to attach to a surface in order to to proliferate, was examined by comparing two distinct HeLa cell lines. Two genes, one encoding a type II membrane glycosylating sialyltransferase (siat7e)(More)
Animal-derived serum is an essential media supplement for mammalian cells in cell culture. For a number of reasons including cost, regulatory concerns, lot inconsistency, potential contamination with adventitious agents, and down-stream processing it is desirable to eliminate the use of serum. Existing protocols designed to adapt cells to serum-free media(More)
Research and development connect technology and innovation to product design. However, the term is often used to refer to only a subset of the necessary disciplines to the exclusion of technical operations. Here, we argue that the importance of technical operations is undeniable, offering possible solutions by drawing on lessons from outdated(More)
An experimental malaria transmission blocking vaccine antigen, Pfs25H, expressed and secreted from Pichia pastoris was recovered and purified using a screenless expanded bed column equipped with a rotating fluid distribution system. This column was able to accommodate feed stock, containing 30% biomass, at a flow rate of 300–400 cm/h without affecting(More)
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