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Two uid-ow problems are solved using perturbation expansions, with special emphasis on the reduction of intermediate expression swell. This is done by developing tools in Maple that contribute to the eecient representation and manipulation of large expressions. The tools share a common basis, which is the creation of a hierarchy of representation levels(More)
This paper presents optimal power allocation strategies for a MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) based cognitive radio (CR) system. The proposed power allocation schemes maximize the downlink transmission rate of the CR users under spatial interference constraints, considering both the availability and(More)
The growth in wireless devices and multimedia applications has led to increase in spectrum usage in recent past. One of the credible solutions to overcome this shortcoming is by the usage of Cognitive Radios (CR). The Cognitive Radio has spectrum sensing capabilities and thus can improve spectrum usage. The ad hoc network employing CR are termed as(More)
—In this paper, we study an energy-harvesting cog-nitive radio (CR) system where each secondary user (SU) harvests energy to recharge its battery. Cooperative spectrum sensing is employed to enhance the sensing performance. In this energy-constrained scenario, the SUs, as per their energy-arrival rates, can cooperate to achieve higher opportunistic spectrum(More)
Rapidly acceleration in the technological advances throughout the world leads to enormous increase in encrypted Internet traffic. Tremendous progressions and changes are taking place in months rather than in years. From mobility and video to cloud and network programmability, there is no end of vision. Majority of people still believe that computer securely(More)
An unusual boundary-value problem that arises in a fluid-mechanical application is solved to high precision, as a challenge problem in scientific computation. A second-order differential equation must be solved on (0, ∞), subject to boundary conditions that specify only the asymptotic behaviour of the solution at the two ends of the solution domain. In(More)
Web applications are meant to be viewed by human user. Quality of web application is our primary concern. An application is said to be a quality application when the users do not face any problem while using it. For this purpose performance testing is needed. For getting knowledge about the performance issues (such as response time), performance testing is(More)
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