Pratibha Mishra

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Sterol glycosyltransferases (SGTs) catalyze the transfer of sugar molecules to diverse sterol molecules, leading to a change in their participation in cellular metabolism. Withania somnifera is a medicinal plant rich in sterols, sterol glycosides and steroidal lactones. Sterols and their modified counterparts are medicinally important and play a role in(More)
Poor design quality and huge technical debt are common issues perceived in real-life software projects. Design smells are indicators of poor design quality and the volume of design smells found could be treated as the design debt of the software system. The existing smell detection tools focus largely on implementation smells and do not reveal a(More)
A 24-year-old lady presented with the complaints of asymptomatic dark, raised lesions over her body since past 4 years. Dermatological examination revealed hyperkeratotic, hyperpigmented papules in a Blaschkoid distribution over trunk and extremities. The hyperkeratotic lesions could be removed leaving behind a small crater. Skin biopsy revealed(More)
In Withania somnifera, sterol molecules of immense medicinal value are diversified by means of glycosylation. Identifying sterol glycosyltransferases provides an imperative insight of diverse sterol modifications, thereby helping to comprehend the underlying plant mechanisms. In the present study, one of the W. somnifera sterol glycosyltransferase-4(More)
Present investigation explores the cardiotoxicity of rosiglitazone (ROSI) using rat heart cardiomyocytes and db/db mice. In H9c2 cells, ROSI at 50 and 60 μM induced an increase in the percentage of apoptotic cells and superoxide generation, along with an increase in the expression of various subunits of NADPH oxidase and nitric oxide synthases, confirmed(More)
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