Pratibha Dev

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1. We have investigated the relative contributions of mechanical and reflex mechanisms in generating the forces produced by the neck muscles when loads were unexpectedly applied during centrally programmed head movements in monkeys. These movements, subserved by muscles well endowed with muscle spindles, are part of the coordinated eye-head response to the(More)
The negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (NV(-)) center in diamond is considered to be one of the most promising solid state systems for quantum information applications. Excited states of the NV(-) center play a center role in the proposed applications. Using a combination of first-principles calculations and vibronic interaction model analysis, we(More)
An evaluation of musculoskeletal disorders in 202 patients using three-dimensional CT displays has revealed the usefulness of the technique, especially in patients with fractures of skeletal areas with complex anatomy, articular disorders of the hip, and spinal stenosis. In some cases, plastic models of diseased areas have been created from the CT data and(More)
An automatic computer technique was designed to produce three-dimensional (3D) images of bony anatomy on a cathode ray tube (CRT) from computerized tomography (CT) data. The authors transferred CT scan data of a cadaver and 11 patients to a computer system via magnetic tape. An automatic edge extraction algorithm generated an outline of bone specified by a(More)
A computer system was developed to rapidly reconstruct three-dimensional (3D) images of bone from computerized tomography scans of the ankle joint. Solid models of the bones were produced from the 3D image data through the use of a computer numerically controlled milling machine. A cadaver ankle joint was scanned, and models of the distal tibia and fibula(More)
In contrast to well-studied through-protection neurons that propagate information from one region to another in the central nervous system, short-axon or axonless neurons form local circuits, transmitting signals through synapses and electrical junctions between their dendrites. Interaction in this dendritic network proceeds without spike action potentials.(More)
A computer system was developed to reconstruct three dimensional images of bone from analysis of computed tomography data. Images of bone can be made within minutes and rotated for viewing from any direction. An editing process allows visualization of the articular surfaces of any joint. Solid models of the bone images can be produced with an accuracy of 1(More)
The dynamic anatomical response of the normal pelvic floor to voluntary pelvic floor contractions was documented using magnetic resonance imaging. Sequences of coronal, sagittal and transverse images in the relaxed and the contracted state were obtained from 17 young, asymptomatic volunteers trained to perform pelvic floor exercises correctly. The images(More)
Cation-vacancy induced intrinsic magnetism in GaN and BN is investigated by employing density-functional theory based electronic structure methods. The strong localization of defect states favors spontaneous spin polarization and local moment formation. A neutral cation vacancy in GaN or BN leads to the formation of a net moment of 3 muB with a(More)