Prathuri Jhansi Rani

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In Symmetric cryptography both the sender and receiver agree with the same key before they start communicating secretly. Same key is used for encryption and decryption. The communication is secret as long as the key is kept secret. A desirable property of symmetric encryption is termed as avalanche effect by which two different keys produces different(More)
Hashing is used as part of IPSec protocol to ensure that the data being sent has not been tampered or corrupted over the virtual private network(VPN). This can be done using SHA1 or MD5. First 96-bits of the message digest of SHA1 or MD5 are used as an authentication field. This paper shows that the Bernoulli keyed hash function can be used to authenticate(More)
— Data mining applications and techniques are used in many areas as a required knowledge discovery from large data sets. Cloud computing is one of the prevailing models based on IP architecture. Cloud computing is nothing but the delivery of the computing services over the internet to improve the business of many organizations. Cloud systems which can be(More)
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