Prathamesh Kulkarni

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition is a real time embedded system which automatically recognizes the license number of vehicles. Such systems require the localization of number plate area in order to identify the characters present on it. This paper presents a feature based methodology for localization of Indian number plates. Since number plate standards(More)
On demand allocation of honeypots at right places on the network and at right time would considerably make the network more secure and harder to sneak into. This paper proposes an idea of dynamically creating, modifying and managing virtual honeypots-Honeydoop. Honeydoop is a system of dynamically creating, modifying and managing virtual honeypots. It(More)
The crime of stolen vehicle in the metro city has rise now a days, to track the stolen vehicle the cops required the help of automatic Number Plate recognition (ANR). The use of ANR are not limited to the track stolen car but many more like automatic car parking system, automatic toll collection system etc. but the ANR system has many issues in(More)
Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a silent killer disorder which is a public health challenge all over the world. The higher morbidity and mortality rate of T2DM hobble health care systems and the economy worldwide. Insulin resistance and relatively reduced insulin secretion are the main characteristics of T2DM. The present study was aimed to design and(More)
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