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Studies have reported significant gender-related differences in serological tests for detection of NS1 antigen and IgM antibody used for diagnosing dengue fever. However, no such study has been undertaken in India though dengue fever is endemic in this country. Therefore, this study was planned to study the association of serological findings with gender in(More)
Laproscopic cholecystectomy (LC) is gold standard treatment for gall stones. Since its birth in 1987 it has undergone various changes, reduced number of ports from standard 4-port LC to 3-port LC being one of them. Three-port LC has been shown to be equal to standard 4-port LC in terms of safety, complications, pain, hospital stay.we conducted a prospective(More)
The aetiology of anal fissure is not fully understood—why some heal spontaneously and others become chronic remains a mystery. In this study we compared use of sitz bath to medical therapy in the treatment of acute anal fissure on OPD basis.Seventy five patients with an acute first episode of anal fissure were randomised to receive a three weektreatment of(More)
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