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BACKGROUND Curcumin inhibits the growth of esophageal cancer cell lines; however, the mechanism of action is not well understood. It is becoming increasingly clear that aberrant activation of Notch signaling has been associated with the development of esophageal cancer. Here, we have determined that curcumin inhibits esophageal cancer growth via a mechanism(More)
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud platforms rent resources, in the form of virtual machines (VMs), under a variety of contract terms that offer different levels of risk and cost. For example, users may acquire VMs in the <i>spot market</i> that are often cheap but entail significant risk, since their price varies over time based on market supply and(More)
Cloud spot markets enable users to bid for compute resources, such that the cloud platform may revoke them if the market price rises too high. Due to their increased risk, revocable resources in the spot market are often significantly cheaper (by as much as 10&#215;) than the equivalent non-revocable on-demand resources. One way to mitigate spot market risk(More)
A Basidiomycetes fungus belonging to polypore family of mushrooms, Ganoderma lucidum (GL), has been known since a long time for their myriad therapeutic indications. Renowned as an invaluable resource of cardinal mycoconstituents they encompass numerous terpenoids polysaccharides and proteins. Possessing the therapeutically potent lanosteroidal skeleton,(More)
—Distributed applications implicitly assume that data center servers are available unless they fail. However, many emerging scenarios are altering this assumption by exposing transient availability, such that servers are available temporarily for an uncertain amount of time. Transient servers are cheaper and more energy-efficient than stable servers with(More)
Cloud providers now offer <i>transient servers</i>, which they may revoke at anytime, for significantly lower prices than on-demand servers, which they cannot revoke. The low price of transient servers is particularly attractive for executing an emerging class of workload, which we call Batch-Interactive Data-Intensive (BIDI), that is becoming increasingly(More)
Cloud providers have begun to allow users to bid for surplus servers on a spot market. These servers are allocated if a user's bid price is higher than their market price and revoked otherwise. Thus, analyzing price data to derive optimal bidding strategies has become a popular research topic. In this paper, we argue that sophisticated bidding strategies do(More)