Prateek S. Sharma

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BACKGROUND Worldwide, multiple studies demonstrate a negative attitude of interns toward psychiatry. Scenario in Gujarat state has never been looked upon. The objective of this study is to identify the situation in this region by studying the attitude of interns toward various areas of psychiatry and to study the gender differences if any. MATERIALS AND(More)
Myxedema madness is a very rare but established entity. A psychotic patient having hypothyroid features should always be evaluated regarding same. A 30-year-old female without known significant past medical history had, for the past one and half year, continuous persecutory and referential delusions; second and third person auditory hallucinations, facial(More)
Pramipexole is a dopamine agonist with higher affinity for D3 receptors. Treatment with pramipexole in clinical conditions such as restless legs syndrome, fibromyalgia, and parkinsonism has been found to significantly improve measures of pain and sleep along with the other symptoms. There is no research data available that explores the usefulness of(More)
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