Prateek S Gehlot

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BACKGROUND Abernethy malformation is a very rare congenital vascular malformation defined by diversion of portal blood away from liver. It is commonly associated with multiple congenital anomalies. We present a case of Abernethy malformation, without associated congenital anomalies from India. CASE PRESENTATION A 5-year-old female child presented with(More)
Spinal epidural abscess (SEA) is a rare clinical condition among children. Most patients do not present with classical signs. A 13-year-old boy without any predisposing factors presented with paraparesis, bladder and bowel involvement. MRI spine demonstrated an SEA at the C7 and D1 levels on both sides of the midline with cord oedema at the C2-3 to C6 level(More)
The article first outlines historical suicide patterns. Case histories mirror a wide range of frustrations and family tensions in our present generation and show the socioeconomic, sociophilosophical, and cultural changes that are sweeping Indian society and are greatly adding to the tensions in life, resulting in a substantially higher occurrence of(More)
INTRODUCTION Tuberculosis is the commonest of the infections world wide and it can affect almost any part of the body, most commonly the thorax. The spine is affected in 50 % of the cases of skeletal tuberculosis. A tuberculous infection of the spine causes a bony destruction and collapse of the vertebrae, with a gibbus deformity, skip lesions, an(More)
90 schizophrenic patients in three regimes of thirty patients each, were treated for a period of three weeks with haloperidol alone, E.C.T. alone and E.C.T. + haloperidol in combination respectively. Rating them on R. P. scale (Rockland and Pollin, 196a) & Disability Rating Scale (Gautam, 76) showed that the E.C.T. + haloperidol receiving group was(More)
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