Prateek Goel

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We report the first attempt to design small intramolecular singlet fission chromophores, with the aid of quantum chemistry and explicitly simulating the time evolution of state populations using quantum dynamics method. We start with three previously proposed azaborine-substituted intermolecular singlet fission chromophores. Through analyzing their frontier(More)
We propose a new scheme for time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy denoted as pump-repump-continuous wave-photoelectron spectroscopy (prp-cw-pes). This scheme is comprised of two femtosecond laser (pump) pulses under cw illumination (probe). By changing the time-delay between pump and repump lasers one can manipulate the populations of vibronic levels in(More)
Background: Diagnostic scores are useful and easy methods which help in reaching surgical decision. These scores make use of clinical, analytical and radiological findings to produce a rationalized model of clinical decision making. The objectives are to analyse clinico-pathological condition of acute appendicitis and to confirm diagnosis by(More)
Sentiment drifts due to people changing their opinions instantly on microblogs e.g. Twitter, are a major challenge in sentiment analysis. In this paper, we have developed a method that selects most frequent messages from a relevant message set constructed using state-of-the-art sampling approaches. Our proposed technique increases the robustness of the(More)
The presented work is a case study of the doors at the William G. Davis Computer Research Centre, University of Waterloo as a part of our Advanced topics in Software Engineering : Requirements Engineering course project. This study dwells upon the idea of changing requirements over time and how requirements engineering is an evolutionary process. This work(More)
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