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Approximately half the excitatory neurons in layer 6 (L6) of the rat barrel cortex project to the thalamus with axon collaterals ramifying in the granular L4; the remaining project within cortex with collaterals restricted to infragranular laminae. In analogy, L6 inhibitory neurons also include locally arborizing and inter-laminar projecting neurons. We(More)
The endocrinology of human pregnancy involves endocrine and metabolic changes that result from physiological alterations at the boundary between mother and fetus. Progesterone and oestrogen have a great role along with other hormones. The controversies of use of progestogen and others are discussed in this chapter. Progesterone has been shown to stimulate(More)
An azygos anterior cerebral artery is an anatomical variant in which the anterior communicating artery is absent and both the A1 segments unite to form a single A2 segment of the artery. This anatomical variant may be associated with holoprosencephaly and may predispose to aneurysm formation, however the association of such an anomaly with an aneurysm is(More)
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is an iatrogenic complication of assisted reproduction technology. The syndrome is characterized by cystic enlargement of the ovaries and a fluid shift from the intravascular to the third space due to increased capillary permeability and ovarian neoangiogenesis. Its occurrence is dependent on the administration of(More)
BACKGROUND Cytogenetic studies have demonstrated that low levels of chronic radiation exposure can potentially increase the frequency of chromosomal aberrations and aneuploidy in somatic cells. Epidemiological studies have shown that health workers occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation bear an increased risk of hematological malignancies. (More)
Embryo implantation is a well-defined and precise process, in which various factors come into play one after the other. There is only a specific period of time during which implantation is possible i.e. "implantation window". Selectins were proposed to have an important role in this phase to ensure suitable rolling of the blastocyst. To prevent the(More)
OBJECTIVES (1) To determine the frequency of maternal near miss, maternal near miss incidence ratio (MNMR), maternal near miss to mortality ratio and mortality index. (2) To compare the nature of near miss events with that of maternal mortality. (3) To see the trend of near miss events. DESIGN Audit. SETTING Kasturba Hospital, Manipal University,(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate acetylcholinesterase (AChE), protein thiols (PT), ceruloplasmin (CP) and C-reactive proteins (CRPs) to assess any change in their levels following intrauterine insemination (IUI). MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty-two patients aged 31 +/- 4.65 years (mean +/- SD) with primary infertility selected for IUI. All of them had induced ovulation(More)
BACKGROUND The damage to ovarian reserve inflicted by surgery for endometriosis represents a major concern in the balance between reproductive benefits and risks. AIM To evaluate the ovarian reserve in sub fertile women after laparoscopic endometriotic cystectomy. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Prospective study, done in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,(More)
BACKGROUND Perimenopausal period is characterized by a continuous decline in ovarian function due to which women are vulnerable to various physical and psychological symptoms affecting their quality of life. Currently these symptoms are managed by hormone replacement therapy. However, hormonal therapy can cause complications including malignancy which has(More)