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Group psychotherapy may often be the treatment of choice for patients whose somatic symptoms are a reflection of interpersonal difficulties which are not of sufficient magnitude to warrant referral to a mental health professional. This type of treatment can be offered in the context of family practice, with benefit to both patient and physician. The(More)
This paper is the last of a four-part series and presents a case report of a patient who attended a 20-week course of group therapy in a family practice. She was a patient who identified herself as medically, but not psychiatrically, sick. She was appropriately investigated and referred within the practice for assessment of her suitability for group(More)
INTRODUCTION Nurses are trained with specific clinical skills, and objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) could be a better approach to assess clinical skills of nursing students. MATERIALS AND METHODS A comparative study was conducted by observational checklist regarding antenatal care and opinionnaire on the usefulness of OSCE and tradition(More)
This paper is the third in a four-part series and in it some issues and techniques pertaining to the pregroup screening interview are discussed as well as the initial meeting of a therapy group in a family practice setting. The screening interview enables patient and group therapists to decide whether or not the patient might benefit from group therapy.(More)
This paper is the second in a four-part series and describes some of the prerequisites necessary for the establishment of a therapy group in family medicine. In setting up a group, it is necessary to have group leadsers, a supervisor, patients, a suitable room, and time set aside for the purpose. Referral sources and criteria for referral are presented, as(More)
Pregnancy is a time of natural stress that can have a marked effect on the relationship of the expectant parents and, subsequently, on the child. A group was formed to provide emotional support for the women and to involve the husbands in the process. By offering this service in a family practice residency program, it not only has a beneficial effect on the(More)
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