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Advances in our understanding of sensory-motor integration suggest a unique role of the frontal lobe circuits in cognition and behaviour. Long-range afferent connections convey higher order sensory information to the frontal cortex, which in turn responds to internal and external stimuli with flexible and adaptive behaviour. Long-range connections from and(More)
BACKGROUND Efficacy and safety are the two considerations when characterising the effects of a new therapy. We sought to apply an innovative method of assessing the benefit-risk balance using data from a completed randomised controlled trial that compared erlotinib vs placebo added to gemcitabine in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer (NCIC CTG PA.3).(More)
The study of the spaces between the metacarpal heads on 23 cadavers, raises the question of the existence of bursae at this level. This is in line with recent studies suggesting that such bursae are present at this level in the foot. Careful dissection and histological studies revealed characteristics compatible with both of the following hypotheses: either(More)
Despite the five million children who have been screened for neuroblastoma in Japan through detection of catecholamine metabolites, it is still uncertain whether screening for this disease is beneficial. The Japanese study has clearly indicated that screening at 6 months or earlier leads to heavy overdiagnosis. It is shown in this paper that screening at a(More)
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