Prasun Kumar Roy

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Plastic waste disposal is one of the serious environmental issues being tackled by our society today. Polyethylene, particularly in packaging films, has received criticism as it tends to accumulate over a period of time, leaving behind an undesirable visual footprint. Degradable polyethylene, which would enter the eco-cycle harmlessly through biodegradation(More)
This paper outlines the quantitative risk assessment for storage and purification section of a titanium sponge production facility. Based on qualitative HAZAN technique, which involves a detailed FETI and HAZOP study of the entire plant, the storage and the purification section were found to be the most hazardous sections. Titanium tetrachloride (TiCl(4))(More)
A new chelating resin was synthesised by the modification of styrene-divinylbenzene (2%) copolymer and incorporation of dithiocarbamate groups. The polydithiocarbamate resin was characterised by elemental analysis, thermal studies and IR studies. The analytical characteristics of the sorbent were established and optimum sorption conditions for Cu, Ni, Pb,(More)
There is a noteworthy analogy between the statistical mechanical systems and the digital image processing systems. We can make pixel gray levels of an image correspondence to a discrete particles under thermodynamic noise (Brownian motion) that transits between binary state transition from a weaksignal state to a strong-signal state whereas a noisy signal(More)
The imaging of the distribution of thermal conductivity tensor at various points in a tissue is an essential need when accurate knowledge of heat energy flow in tissue is required for diagnostic and therapeutic management in oncology, neurology, and interventional radiology. Conventionally, tissue thermal conductivity is assumed as scalar, which induces(More)
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