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White blood cell segmentations are an important research issue in Hematology and related study field. Our research proposes a segmentation of nucleus and cytoplasm of peripheral white blood cell from color image slides. The segmentation is started by using a dilated perimeter of nucleus convex hull which propagated into a surrounding region in order to(More)
Generally, image registration using genetic algorithm is a time-consuming process since the algorithm needs to evaluate the objective function several hundred times depending on the vastness of search space. The situation appears worse if the registration is intensity-based due to the interpolation loops prior to each objective function. However, with the(More)
In this paper we derive a novel geometric invariance on surfaces that it is preserved under affine and weak perspective transformations, and it is local, intrinsic and computed from the differential geometry of the surface. Our 3D shape features are based on the Gaussian curvature and Mean curvature. When a surface undergoes an affine transformation, the(More)
In this paper we derive novel surface fiducial points that are computed from the differential geometry of the surface. The fiducial intrinsic points are intrinsic, local, and relative invariants, i.e., they are preserved under similarity, affine, and nonlinear transformations that are piecewise affine. As the fiducial points are computed from high order(More)
Tomogram of the soft tissue can be reconstructed by using its projections resolved from the ultrasonic broadband pulsed waves which are passed through the tissue. While a data from ultrasonic transmission mode tomography cannot be used to image the character of soft tissue where shadowed by a bone, an ultrasonic reflection mode tomography is realized to be(More)
In this paper, we focus on a miniature computed tomographic system with application in 3D modelling of bony structure of a small animal. Our system consists of an x-ray source, a rotating platform and an x-ray array detector unit. The rotating platform is controlled by a personal computer which can rotate the sitting object to arbitrary angle. The x-ray(More)
In this paper we explore the novel geometric invariance on surfaces based on the set of invariant normal vectors that are relatively preserved under geometric transformations, are local, intrinsic and computed from the differential geometry of the surface. To reduce the sensitivity of the computation of the geometric invariance to noise, we use a B-Spline(More)
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