Prasit Teekaput

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This paper presents a technique which generates encrypted codes from embedded error detection arithmetic coding called continuous error detection (CED). The proposed technique offers secure communication while keeps data free from errors in noisy channel. The proposed codec performs source coding, channel coding and data encryption at the same time. The(More)
The emission of electromagnetic (EMI) noise form printed circuit board (PCB) are studied. The different kinds of PCB shape are used for producing electromagnetic field. The field are measured using near-field probe with termination load. The anomaly is detected through the monitoring of the spectra's amplitude frequency by injecting a voltage pulse at PCB(More)
This paper derives a new computational efficiency minimum Kullback-Leibler (MKL) iterative multiuser detector algorithm and channel estimation for DS-CDMA system. The main ideas are to design virtual trellis corresponding to each user's symbols channel delay for generating extrinsic probability in term of BCJR algorithm and channel estimator that is(More)
We consider the problem of iterative blind multiuser detection for multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) systems, which consist of K uplink asynchronous DS-CDMA users and n/sub R/ receive antennae, in presence of both intra- and intercell interference. The proposed receiver typically has only the knowledge of the first spreading codes of K/sub in/ /spl les/ K(More)
This paper presents the forecast of the peak electricity demand (peak load) between 2014 to 2024 of the “Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand” (EGAT) by using Gaussian Process (GP), which used training data set since 2000 to 2013. The training data set composed of two important factors, including time on a monthly and the monthly of(More)
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