Prashanth Vijayakumar

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Mobile Ad-hoc network is a collection of two or more node equipped with low power device for data transmission. Many Proactive based Power Aware Routing (PAR) protocol was implemented by many researchers. An optimized power reactive routing protocol describes the concepts of cognitive function and AODV protocol. It ensures that data packet is transferred in(More)
Efficient motion estimation is an important problem because it determines the compression efficiency and complexity of a video encoder. Motion estimation can be formulated as an optimization problem. This paper starts with an introduction of basic motion estimation problem and discusses issues specific to video motion estimation of two types FSBME &(More)
In this paper, FPGA realization of MUX based multiplier and odd multiple scheme architectures are proposed for FIR filter and discussed in terms of complexity. In digital filter implementation, the multiplier usage is avoided by using MUX based multiplier and Look Up Table (LUT) based multiplier. These multipliers are used for constructing direct form FIR(More)
In the modern world portable systems are becoming increasingly popular. Hence the need for devices that dissipate lower power arises. Power dissipation in CMOS circuits can be classified into two types, namely static and dynamic power dissipation. Of these, dynamic power dissipation is the chief contributor [1,2]. Hence efforts at power optimization will be(More)
This paper investigates the performance of wireless network coding (NC) schemes for two-way relay channels with periodic transmissions. In particular, we consider a network with two source nodes and a single relay, with the latter broadcasting the XOR-ed version of the received data. Synchronization of transmissions to maximize the power saving periods in(More)
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