Prashant Vaidyanathan

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Computation can be performed in living cells by DNA-encoded circuits that process sensory information and control biological functions. Their construction is time-intensive, requiring manual part assembly and balancing of regulator expression. We describe a design environment, Cello, in which a user writes Verilog code that is automatically transformed into(More)
Modern day hospital management systems rely heavily on electronic data processing to maintain patient records. These electronic medical records (EMRs) must be maintained in an unaltered form by the creator. The need for a secure data handling method for the transmission and storage of text and digital media, comprising patient’s diagnostic history, imaging,(More)
Curtis Madsen, Prashant Vaidyanathan, Cristian-Ioan Vasile, Rachael Ivison, Junmin Wang, Calin Belta, and Douglas Densmore Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Boston University, Boston, MA Division of Systems Engineering, Boston University, Boston, MA Graduate Program in Bioinformatics, Boston University, Boston, MA Biological Design Center,(More)
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