Prashant S Emani

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Extracellular matrix proteins adsorbed onto mineral surfaces exist in a unique environment where the structure and dynamics of the protein can be altered profoundly. To further elucidate how the mineral surface impacts molecular properties, we perform a comparative study of the dynamics of nonpolar side chains within the mineral-recognition domain of the(More)
The use of biomimetic approaches in the production of inorganic nanostructures is of great interest to the scientific and industrial community due to the relatively moderate physical conditions needed. In this vein, taking cues from silaffin proteins used by unicellular diatoms, several studies have identified peptide candidates for the production of silica(More)
Intrinsic motions may allow HIV-1 transactivation response (TAR) RNA to change its conformation to form a functional complex with the Tat protein, which is essential for viral replication. Understanding the dynamic properties of TAR necessitates determining motion on the intermediate nanosecond-to-microsecond time scale. To this end, we performed(More)
Functional RNA molecules are conformationally dynamic and sample a multitude of dynamic modes over a wide range of frequencies. Thus, a comprehensive description of RNA dynamics requires the inclusion of a broad range of motions across multiple dynamic rates which must be derived from multiple spectroscopies. Here we describe a slow conformational exchange(More)
Solution NMR spectroscopy can elucidate many features of the structure and dynamics of macromolecules, yet relaxation measurements, the most common source of experimental information on dynamics, can sample only certain ranges of dynamic rates. A complete characterization of motion of a macromolecule thus requires the introduction of complementary(More)
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