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The study reports potential of Cuminum cyminum (cumin) seed essential oil (EO) as a plant based shelf life enhancer against fungal and aflatoxin contamination and lipid peroxidation. The EO showed efficacy as a preservative in food systems (stored wheat and chickpeas). A total of 1230 fungal isolates were obtained from food samples, with Aspergillus flavus(More)
The study deals with antifungal, antiaflatoxigenic and antioxidant activity of Citrus maxima and Citrus sinensis essential oils (EOs) and their phytochemical composition. The EOs were obtained by hydrodistillation and their chemical profile was determined through GC and GC-MS analysis. Both the EOs and their 1:1 combination showed broad fungitoxic spectrum(More)
The investigation deals with antifungal, antiaflatoxin and antioxidant efficacy of Zanthoxylum alatum Roxb. essential oil (EO), its two major constituents and their comparison with five commonly used organic acid preservatives. The chemical profile of EO, characterized through GC and GC-MS analysis, revealed linalool (56.10%) and methyl cinnamate (19.73%)(More)
The study investigates fungal contamination in some dry fruits, spices and areca nut and evaluation of the essential oil (EO) of Piper betle var. magahi for its antifungal, antiaflatoxigenic and antioxidant properties. A total of 1651 fungal isolates belonging to 14 species were isolated from the samples and Aspergillus was recorded as the dominant genus(More)
BACKGROUND Pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis L., is the most destructive insect pest of pulses under storage in Asia and Africa. Keeping in view the negative impacts of synthetic insecticides and the demands of botanical pesticides, the present investigation explores the repellents, antifeedants, ovicidal, larvicidal and pupaecidal activity of two(More)
Amniotic band syndrome is an uncommon pathological condition that can lead to intrauterine fetal demise .We report an unusual case of amniotic band presentation attached to fetal head in which umbilical cord got strangulated and resulted to fetal loss.
For thoracic, abdominal and major orthopaedic surgery epidural anaesthesia and analgesia can provide pain relief for a longer duration and the facility of further top-ups and continuous infusion of the analgesic drugs through epidural catheter thus provides an uneventful and smooth recovery. Almost without exception epidural analgesia regardless of(More)
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